A Word of Dreams Recommends: “Skyquake (2015)”

By Andrew Buckner

Rating: **** out of *****.

Propelled by an intriguing and original plot as well as excellent execution, writer-director-star Sandy Robson’s Skyquake (2015) intimately crafts a haunting, meticulously paced portrait of mania from a plethora of genuinely unnerving horror elements. This is a primary courtesy of Robson’s afore-mentioned contributions. All of which are terrific. Relatedly, John Prowse is exceptional in his turn as Dr. Edwards. This can also be said of Bronwen Smith’s proficient enactment of Grace/Norma and Aidan Kokotilo-Moen’s phenomenal portrayal of young Jake. Byron Kopman’s cinematography, Keaton House’s foreboding music and Robson’s editing are also a highlight. Such results in the telling of tale of a man, Adam, and his obsession with a strange hum that is as eerie as it is engaging. This is augmented by the incorporation of a final act that satisfactorily balances characterization, narrative twists and accumulating tension. Regardless, the concluding sequence could’ve benefitted from less explanation and more mystery. Still, the high quality and sheer effectiveness of the production remains intact.

Runtime: 79 minutes.

(Unrated). Contains adult themes.

Available now on Amazon Prime.

Distributed through Brain Damage Films and Midnight Releasing on April 4th, 2017.

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