My name is Andrew Buckner, and I am probably the biggest movie enthusiast you could ever meet.  That is how this page was created.  I have been writing movie and book reviews for two decades, and I wanted to get them out there for the world to read.

In addition to writing reviews, I just love writing in general.  I have over 100 books published to date.  You can check them out at Amazon.  Some are poetry, some are horror tales.  I have written several screenplays. One I co-wrote, “Whispers In The Darkness”, was a runner-up in The Great Lakes International Film Festival Screenplay Competition for 2012. I also pen general articles and reviews for Swurvradio.com. My wife will tell you, I am always writing something.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. If you are the Andrew Buckner who authored “The Extraterrestrial Presence”, I desperately want to purchase a copy. I can’t find it anywhere. I own the original artwork used for the cover. Please let me know how to get one if possible. Thank you.


    • Hello! Thank you for contacting me and for your interest in my work! Yes, I am the author of THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL PRESENCE! Unfortunately, the book is out of print and I only have one copy of it myself. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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