“I Hear the Future”- (Music Video Review)

By Andrew Buckner

Rating: ***** out of *****.

Aaron K. Wilson’s experience as a motivational speaker reverberates through every rousing moment of his lyrically terrific and appropriately energetic single, “I Hear the Future”. With beautiful, stirring and well-orchestrated production from Hollywood Legend Beats the message to find and embrace your dreams resonates triumphantly throughout. Released through RMV Records this is a phenomenally done composition. Moreover, it is one everyone will relate to. The power behind Wilson’s wordplay and the incredible message of motivation he provides is given brilliant visualization by director Chris Esper, who also edited this masterful work. This can be found in the six-minute video, set to be released on January 30th of 2016, for the aforementioned number.

The concept by Mike Sanders and Raeshelle Cook found in this cinematic realization of Wilson’s phenomenal musical piece is flawless. It features a bored office hand (played by Wilson himself). Fighting nodding off at his desk, a point of relatability that many fellow labor-a-day audiences will latch onto immediately, the camera seems to enter his mind. In a demonstration of the effects of the record, and its inspirational meaning when played and pondered, it does this by going through his ear. After going through a vortex, one of the many entrancing and hypnotic sights on display here, the song kicks in. From here Esper delivers an optical extravaganza that is bright, striking, joyful and cheery. It is made all the more engaging by some fantastically choreographed dance moves.

There are recurring images which make the representations held within the arrangement come to life. In one segment, we see Wilson in a straight-jacket. He is seen fighting off shadowy figures which surround him. This could personify thoughts of worthlessness or inadequacy. It can even be seen to be an emblematic communication of being confined to treading the pre-set path the world pushes upon us all (much as the office employee must be feeling in the commencement). Maybe it could be all three. The cleverness in adding such a prospect here is that the spectator can easily put their own personal emphasis on what these symbols convey. It helps reach a wider audience. Not to mention, it makes the whole experience that much more singular, personal and profound.

The impact is punctuated in the end credit scene. Here Wilson, Esper and a varied cast of several others express what they wish to achieve in their lives. It is the perfect summarization of all that comes beforehand. This also mechanizes stalwartly with the notion the short film utilizes. It seems to reassure the exhausted individual showcases early on as realizing his own ambitions and pursuing them. In turn, Esper and crew call upon his viewers to ask themselves what they would similarly like to accomplish.

Esper and Wilson have shown their own respective gargantuan talents with this endeavor. They make a tremendous team. The video and the addictive anthem inspired by it compliments one another spectacularly.The proof is in the high-quality product resulting from this collaboration. Every technical facet is staggering. This resonates all the more vigorously with the ardent, caring treatment Esper has given Wilson’s already fantastic exertion. Both “I Hear the Future” and its filmic imagining are guaranteed to mean a lot to a great many individuals. Each item is a masterpiece in its own right. Coming together as one the sheer spectacle and elevating nature of the two entities makes for a necessary, tremendously invigorating exhibition that speaks directly to the soul.

You can check out Aaron K. Wilson’s site and learn more about him here.


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