Andrew Buckner Announces AWordofDreams’ Seasonal Short Film Festival

By Andrew Buckner

Submissions are now being accepted for the first ever Andrew Buckner/AWORDOFDREAMS Seasonal Short Film Festival!

Here is some basic information about the festival:

The festival will be held, as the title suggests, once every season (approximately every three months).

Entries will be accepted in any genre and in any style.

The submissions for this season, Summer 2020, will run from today (August 3rd) until 11:59 p.m. on August 17th.

Submissions are free. Please send submissions in the form of a Vimeo or YouTube link. Submissions can be completed any year, not just 2020, and are acceptable in any genre. For purposes of this festival, the project submitted must not run any longer than forty-five minutes. Please verify if this is your debut film and if you are a local (Ohio) filmmaker when submitting. Multiple submissions (more than one film per director) are welcome. Please make sure your film is not bound to festival agreements in any other festival where it cannot be screened at Directors please make sure to give AWORDOFDREAMS express permission to showcase your film at the festival.

The films selected and the filmmakers behind them will have AWordofDreams’ permission to use AWordofDreams’ logo on their respective film poster, for each film shown at the festival, as a respective nominee/ winner. They can also do so in any future trailer for the selected film.

Please send submissions to Andrew Buckner’s Facebook page,, via Messenger. 

I will be accepting 15 short films total per festival.

Thanks for your time and good luck to all submitters!

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