Press Release: Andrew Buckner Releases “12 Original Beats” and More


Filmmaker, author and musician Andrew Buckner, under the name Buckner, unleashed a sonic smorgasbord over the weekend. On Friday, he unveiled his second full-length album, 12 Original Beats (2020). On the same day he released his third album and the sequel to the aforementioned project, 12 More Original Beats (2020). As the title suggests, these brisk, but ambitious and musically varied, efforts are all grooves of Buckner’s own invention.

On Saturday, he unveiled The Poetry Rap EP (2020). This six-track project features Buckner rapping a half-a-dozen different sonnets from his book of poetry A Call to Life, A Cry of Pain (2013). The rhymes are married to more unique sounds created by Buckner.

On Sunday, he published another similar collection to his 12 Original Beats series. It is called 22 New Buckner Beats (2020). The 14-minute album showcases Buckner’s continued growth via sound. 

Last week, Buckner also showed the world his extra short film, “Quarter: A 0.3 Second Short Film (2020)”. The endeavor is a black and white shot of a twenty-five cent piece. Containing a quick flash of a title and end credits sequence, the exercise is meant to show how quickly money leaves the hands of hard and long-working individuals. It is meant to be one of, if not the, shortest short films ever conceived. 

The YouTube links to all of the above-stated productions can be found above. 

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