The 25 Best Short Films of 2022

By Andrew Buckner

25. “Two Wrongs”

Director: Damien Nembhard

24. “New Years”

Director: Kris Salvi

23. “Heart Shot”

Director: Marielle Woods

22. “Life’s Good”

Director: Jackson Tsi

21. “Erax” 

Director: Hebru Brantley

20. “When the Daemon Takes Hold”

Director: Jackson Batchelor

19. “The Time Travelers”

Director: Killarney Traynor

18. “Not Waving but Drowning”

Director: Thara Popoola

17. “Briefcase Paranoia 2”

Director: Nicholas Hatch

16. “Wanna Play a Game”

Director: Brad Case

15. “Nightcap”

Director: Sam Mason-Bell

14. “A Christmas Card From a Hit Woman in Leominister”

Director: Kris Salvi

13. “Forgive Us Our Sins”

Director: Ashley Eakin

12. “He Comes to Kill”

Director: August Anthony Aguilar

11. “Lux Aeterna”

Director: Gaspar Noe

10. “Scribbles After Midnight”

Director: Jeremy Arruda

9. “Private”

Director: Steve Blackwood

8. “Step Right Up”

Director: Kris Salvi

7. ”Night Owls”

Director: Gabrielle Rosson

6. “Sighs from the Depths”

Director: Richard Griffin

5. “113 N Indigo Dr (Chapters 1-3)”

Director: Adam Michael

4. “The End is Nigh” 

Director: Jamie Lyn Bagley

3. “Amityville: The People of New York vs Ronald J DeFeo Jr.”

Director: Rob Levinson

2. “The Blood of the Dinosaurs”

Director: Joe Badon

1. “Theater 4”

Director: Adam Michael