The 10 Best Short Films of 2021 (So Far)

By Andrew Buckner

*Please note that the short films included in this list are based on an official 2021 U.S. release date.

10. “The Nurturing”

Director: Alex DiVincenzo.

9. “Meet the Author”

Director: Steve Blackwood.

8. “Heart Wreck”

Director: Gabrielle Rosson.

7. “Stay Inside, Michael”

Director: Jeremy Joseph Arruda.

6. “A Concerto is a Conversation”

Directors: Kris Bowers, Ben Proudfoot.

5. “The Present”

Director: Farah Nabulsi.

4. “Trigger Warning: The Life and Art of Chrystal”

Director: Chrystal Shofroth.

3. “The Dreamer”

Director: Jeremy Joseph Arruda.

2. “Come Rain or Come Shine”

Director: Mark Maille.

1. “The Last Cruise”

Director: Hannah Olson.

The Andrew Buckner/ AWordofDreams Fall 2020 Short Film Festival- Film #13: “Root of All Evil” (2016)

By Andrew Buckner

The Andrew Buckner/ AWordofDreams Fall 2020 Short Film Festival concludes with its thirteenth short project: “Root of All Evil” (2016). Smartly written and stylishly directed by Alex DiVincenzo, the seven-minute and thirty-four second work is inventive, entertaining and well-acted. The effort also wonderfully personifies the fun and ominous spirit of the Halloween season, when the narrative takes place, in both atmosphere and in the general chain of events which craft the exercise. Winner of Best Film, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Costumes, Best Use of Prop, Best Special Effects and Most Lifelike Severed Part at the 48 Hour Film Project, the masterful exercise is a perfect cinematic treat for fellow horror aficionados.


After disrespecting an ancient tradition, a Halloween gala featuring a group of friends takes a terrifying and fatal turn.



* All films shown in this festival are used with the kind permission of the filmmakers themselves.


The Andrew Buckner/ AWordofDreams Summer 2020 Short Film Festival- Films 9 and 10: “The Misplaced” (2018) and “Sisyphus” (2016)

By Andrew Buckner

The Andrew Buckner/ AWordofDreams Summer 2020 Short Film Festival continues with films 9 and 10 in the 14-part series: “The Misplaced” (2018), directed by Alex DiVincenzo, and “Sisyphus” (2016). The latter was directed by David Graziano. Both titles are connected by the difficulties in a relationship setting the plot in motion. Each work in this pairing is also brilliantly acted and exceptionally well-done. 

Short synopsis:

A young woman unwittingly discovers why things have been going missing around the house.

Longer synopsis:

A young woman (Jamie Lyn Bagley) unwittingly discovers why things have been going missing around the house. See why some things shouldn’t be found in “The Misplaced”.

Additional Information:


Runtime: 3 min. 54 sec.

Film 10: “Sisyphus”


Greta and Marlene are two close friends who are both going through tough marriages. They share a long and secret history together and when one of them decides to make the next
move in their relationship by pursuing a wonderful moment in their lives, she is met with resistance. As time goes by their roles revise and they try to get back on track but like Sisyphus, they might be rolling a boulder up a hill just to watch it roll back down again.

Cast and Crew Information:

Directed and produced by David Graziano

Screenplay by Christopher DiNunzio

Story by Brian Casey

Cinematography by Nolan Yee

Audio by J. Marshall Craig

Original Score by Stephen Lanning-Cafaro

Executive Producer: Christine Perla

Producers: MD Cafaro and LT DiPaolo

Additional Information:


Runtime: 14 min. 33 sec.

*All films included herein are included in full with the kind permission of the directors themselves.