Press Release: Andrew Buckner Releases Second Feature “The Buckner Experience” and Two New Shorts

Filmmaker, musician and author Andrew Buckner has released his second full-length feature, The Buckner Experience (2020), via YouTube. The 80-minute work is a collection of short films and audio. Namely, they contain his What is Music? LP (2020) and his EP 5 1-Minute Freestyles (2020). Also, included in this first volume of visual and sonic productions by Buckner is the acclaimed fourteen-minute short “Andrew Buckner’s Big Screen Memories”. The film was called “intimate” and “quite fascinating” by Michael Haberfelner of (Re)Search My Trash.

Buckner has also recently released two new short films via YouTube. They are “Power Saving Mode: Attack of the Angry Phone” (2020), a sixty-second horror/comedy that concerns a phone that attacks its vain owner as he starts a new blog, and the experimental short “Surroundings: 6 10-Second Silent Stories” (2020). The latter-stated endeavor is about a half-dozen inanimate and natural objects found in Buckner’s backyard. Buckner tells the tale of each item through ten silent shots. The links to these short films can be found below.


Press Release: Andrew Buckner “Eyes and Bones” Short Found Footage/ Audio Film

Filmmaker, author and musician Andrew Buckner has released a four-minute short film entitled “Eyes and Bones” (2020) via YouTube. The work, which can be seen in full at the link above, is a found footage/ audio work directed, edited, recorded and produced by Buckner. The piece involves an unnamed individual who sees lights in the sky one night. The next morning he decides to document what is occurring. This triggers a series of events where the beings behind the light seem to be repeatedly following and tormenting him. Utilizing no special effects or human faces, the endeavor is another example of Buckner’s ability to make high-quality films in his backyard that are completely free of cost.