5 New Poems: “When All Has Been Done to Tend to Dreams”, “To Compose a Thesis on Affection”, “Home”, “Empty Safety Nets” and “Brain Strikes”

By Andrew Buckner

“When All Has Been Done to Tend to Dreams”

When all has been done to tend to dreams
And feet, interests remain stagnant:
One must remember that the most plentiful streams
Often begin with a single willful fragment.

“To Compose a Thesis on Affection”

To compose a thesis on affection
Without knowledge of the subject;
To score a film on rejection
Without awareness of images abject;
To tread in the shoes of a master
Without first grasping the sole of the essentials:
Is to become one with the pace of life, ever-faster-
To divide potential with the consequential.

“Home (Haiku)”

Soft baby fingers
Of home remove the callous
Cracks of the real world.

“Empty Safety Nets (Haiku)”

Empty safety nets
Lead to fearful valleys of

“Brain Strikes (Haiku)”

Brain strikes like lightning
Rods in self-serving song storms-
Idle conductor.


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