“The Continuation of the Dance” By Andrew Buckner (Poem)

The Continuation of the Dance
By Andrew Buckner

Often the path to literary creation
Is paved with backsteps, hesitations!
Often golden cities of subplots must be destroyed
For true worth, audience immersion, to be employed.
Often the time spent
Hardly equates a new stone turned; a character’s breath lent.

Yet, there are the rare occasions
Where every word and beat has the right spin.
You are the orchestrator of the world’s most beautiful melody
And the harmony flows freely, melodically
With the perfect pitch and tone
And nothing needs to endure discarded, alone.

But, what matters in either circumstance
Is the continuation of the dance.

The patient writer, as all great artists, will find his or her way.

And, in so doing, history’s eternal remembrance
Will be the award admiring droves will gladly pay.


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